Welcome to Rusty DM Productions

I am an independent writer of tabletop role-playing game products and am even working on writing an RPG of my own, Life After!

What I do:

  • I write Dungeon World Classes and additional rules to facilitate play.
  • I am writing my very own RPG, Life After. Life After is a post-apocalyptic based game where you make your end of the world and then endure the struggles of life after it.
  • I write one-shot sessions that you can quickly pick up and run at your table.
  • I also write miscellaneous GM materials to help improve your GMing skills!

RPG Content

I make custom rad materials to use in the Powered by the Apocalypse game, Dungeon World.
Rather than just having more dumb fantasy or D&D trope classes and themes, all the content I make has strange and interesting twists on the norm, allowing you to create more of the back drop for your character or game.

If you think your Dungeon WOrld game needs spicing up or want to see some awesome takes on fantasy tropes, go to DrivethruRPG (or click below) and browse my wares!
  • Playbooks
  • Magic Items and Compendium Classes
  • Much much more!

RDM Rants

Are you sick of all the +1s to hit?
Are you tired of seeing the flaming swords of badassness get chucked to the wayside because this sword has +2 damage instead?
If so, then Rusty's Corner of Bitching +2 is the blog for you!
On the RDM Blog, Rusty and friends go on rants, raves, and even reviews of all things TTRPG related. If youre bored and want to get mad at Rusty, check out the blog!
There, Rusty rants about:
  • RPG topics such as fudgeing rolls and how much tavern scenes suck
  • TTRPG game theroy and rules critics
  • RPG Reviews
  • Much much more!

Life After Development

Welcome to the New World
For the past year, I have been working on a TTRPG that tells stories of those that live through world changing events and their Life After.
This hack is all about wild adventures in a forever changed world, meaning it is very adaptable to whatever setting you want!
We have an ongoing playtest of Life After that is open to the public! Click here for more info.
  • Life After is a game of struggle and perseverance, of horror and triumph. Life After sheds light on a group of people trying to survive in the ashes of a hateful world after it all came to an end, bearing the consequences for actions of the long dead. We play to see how the group struggles and is beaten down yet manages to push through and create the legends that the future generations will tell. Will this be a story of victory and glory or a story of pain and downfall? Only one way to find out…
  • Your Game, Your World

    Even though the Game Master, abbreviated as GM, facilitates the flow of the game, it is really a story for the Players as they endure the challenges of their Life After. The game is based off a single idea:
  • Life After... what?

    What happened to bring the world to this state? Was there a reason? How long has it been since it all went down? Did anything of the old world survive? These are all questions that get answered throughout gameplay. Just remember that no matter what apocalypse you place your game in, it’s always your apocalypse your way.

    For the purposes of demonstration and rule examples, this book uses, “Life After the bombs fell,” as its setting. This means that the book’s contents are geared towards that theme, but the joy of Life After is that it can easily be reskinned and edited to fit whatever apocalypse you want it to be. All themes and related items in this book can be used, changed, or even outright ignored, as long as it benefits the narrative you’re trying to make.
  • Apocalypsepunk? What’s that?

    Life After is geared to handle settings and genres that have something to do with end of the world or world-changing scenarios. This means that rather than having a game that’s specifically geared for one type of apocalypse, you can run anything you want! The original game that Life After is a hack of is called Apocalypse World, which one might think fulfills the same purpose as Life After. This is very wrong. Both games bring a lot to the table and can be geared to handle similar situations but have core concepts that differ greatly.

    Apocalypse World is meant to facilitate games about sex, guns, and rock & roll after the apocalypse.

    Life After is meant to facilitate adventures in the remnants of the old and seeing where your life after the end of your world, in a literal and/or metaphorical sense, takes you.